New member of CDAH-Forum: Shanghai Institute of Technology
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After signing the " Hannover-Vereinbarung 2009" in June 2010, Shanghai Institute of Technology became the 32th member of CDAH-Forum.

Shanghai Institute of Technology (SIT), with characteristic engineering courses as its main education, is a high-level, applied and multidisciplinary full-time institution of higher learning. The institute consists of 18 schools and 38 bachelor´s degree specialities, such as material science, mechanics, automation, computer science and information technology, civil engineering and architecture, environment and energy engineering, chemical engineering, biotechnology and food processing engineering, art and design, economics and management, foreign languages, social sciences, exhibition economy and management, gardening, horticulture, painting, etc.

Till now SIT has conducted many exchange and cooperation programmes with dozens of foreign colleges or universities. There are international students from Germany, Japan, Singapore, the United States and other countries studying on the campus at present. (if you need more informations, please check the website:



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